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Chepping View

Academy Travel Plan

Our School Travel Plan is supported by the whole school community and demonstrates our long-term commitment to improving safety and reducing congestion on the roads.

It aims to reduce car use and enable parents and children to choose walking or cycling with confidence and seeks to cut congestion at the school gate. The School Travel Plan is a whole school initiative and demonstrates commitment from children, staff, parents, trustees and the wider community. 

Parent Parking  

All parents are asked to adhere to a “Parking Promise” and are encouraged to park further away from the school and walk. If however you find the need to park outside the school, please do not park on the bend, on junctions or where the children cross the road.

We are working to build strong relationship with local residents on the Pine Trees Estate and areas locally. We are confident that we can build strong link with the local community by parking safely and considerately.

Abbey View Primary Academy School Travel Plan