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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 

A warm welcome to Year 5, where we spend the year exploring our potential in the classroom and beyond.

In Year 5 we endeavour to develop children’s identity as a learner through their curiosity, independence, determination and pride in themselves. Year 5 is a year that includes many learning experiences from understanding industrial towns and the role of this within High Wycombe to learning about Space and Light within Science. As a class, we want to ensure that every child feels their learning is relatable and relevant to their future in AVPA and beyond.

Throughout Year 5 the Academy Motto- Learning today, Leading tomorrow- underpins our learning and we encourage the children to take on more roles of responsibility within this. In Year 5, children develop their skills as role models and lay the foundations to their future understanding. We hope that you embark and embrace this journey with us to ensure your child knows their potential but also knows the possibilities are endless.

Teaching Staff

Teacher: Miss Leuzinger

Student Teacher: Mrs Iyer

Teaching Assistant: Mr Cullen

Introduction to Year 5

Key Stage 2 Equipment List

Welcome Meeting 2023

Curriculum Overview

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Knowledge Organisers

Information parents can use to help prepare their child for this terms learning in non core subjects

Autumn 1 Knowledge Organisers

Autumn 2 Knowledge Organisers

Reading List

Year 5 Recommended Reading List


Autumn 1 Newsletter

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Learning in Action