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Eco-Schools is a simple, seven-step framework that guides, empowers and motivates pupils to drive change and improve environmental awareness in their school, local community and beyond. 

After completing the seven step process, our school can apply for Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation, which recognises, rewards and celebrates the environmental achievements of our pupils. 

The Eco-Schools program was founded in 1994, operates in 70 countries and engages 19.5 million young people globally. This makes Eco-Schools the largest educational programme on the planet. 

 How Eco Schools works At Abbey View


 Here at Abbey View we are in the very early stages of the seven step process, we have elected a committee of Eco Warriors which has representatives from Year 1 to Year 4. The team of Eco Warriors have started to complete the Environmental Review which they will use to develop the Action Plan.

To find out, more information about the seven step process follow the link below to the Eco-Schools website:

Eco-Schools Website

Our Eco Warriors