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The WYCOMBE AND MARLOW TEACHING SCHOOL ALLIANCE reaches schools across South Buckinghamshire and beyond.

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Chepping View

IFPT Trustees

Name Role Contact

Mr. J. Mason

Executive Principal of I.F.P.T and Principal of Chepping View

c/o Chepping View Primary Academy 01494 535564


Mr. R. Wynne                                       

Trust Member/Chairman   rwynne@cvpa.school 

Mr. R. G. Millington O.B.E.               

Trust Member             rmillington@cvpa.school 

Cllr. L. Clarke O.B.E.

Community Trustee (Co-opted)               lclarke@cvpa.school

Mr S. Moore   

Vice Chairman/Parent Trustee         


Mr. N. Hutchinson 

Community Trustee nhutchinson@cvpa.school 

Dr. N. Eltinay                                      

Parent Trustee      neltinay@cvpa.school 

Dr. D. Groppe                                     

Parent Trustee     dgroppe@cvpa.school 

Mr. A. Latif 

Parent Trustee alatif@cvpa.school 

Mr. A. Mian

Parent Trustee (Co-opted) amian@cvpa.school 

Mrs. K. Sibley-Denne

Parent Trustee                        


Mr. W. Mirroch

Parent Trustee wmirroch@cvpa.school 

Mrs G. Bradbury

Parent Trustee


Miss K Hipperson

Parent Trustee



Applications for Trustees on the Inspiring Futures partnership Trust will be considered and appointed  if vacancies exist. There are currently no vacancies on the Inspiring Futures Partnership Trust Board of Trustees.

Trustees' Register of Interests