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The WYCOMBE AND MARLOW TEACHING SCHOOL ALLIANCE reaches schools across South Buckinghamshire and beyond.

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Phonics is taught daily from Foundation Stage to the end of Year 2 in small groups so that work is closely matched to the needs of each child. We use a range of approaches driven by synthetic phonics and including sight vocabulary and contextual work.

We follow the published guidance from Letters and Sounds. We do not follow a published scheme. Children are entered for the National Phonics test at the end of Year 1. Those who do not meet the expected level are re-entered at the end of Year 2.

Letters and sounds: This website has games based on each phase and some printable games.


Useful information for parents

Phonics Home Learning Guide for Reception and Year 1

Abbey View Phonics Word Bank

Useful Phonics Websites

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Phonics Bloom

Phonics Play

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