Trust Vision and Values


For all our children to be inspired by an excellent education that raises their ambitions and enriches their lives. To invest in and build a self-sustaining team of highly skilled and passionate staff who relish the opportunities presented by our family of academies, School Centred Initial Teacher Training, Teaching School Alliance and school-to-school support activities.


Inspire       Nurture      Excel



To build a community of academies with shared responsibility and common core values that creates a culture of respect, collaboration, opportunity and creativity. Educational excellence will be secured by highly trained and skilled staff who are passionate and committed to developing academies that excite, motivate and challenge, resulting in a life-long love of learning. All of our children will be empowered to build purposeful and fulfilling lives, making positive contributions to society. Inspiring Futures Partnership Trust will grow at a rate that protects the education and professional lives of our existing members and enriches the lives of those joining us.


Inspiring Futures Partnership Trust aims to have a family of at least five academies in five years.



Aspirational - to inspire, challenge and support all pupils and staff to achieve beyond their initial dreams

Inclusiveness - to support all members of our community to achieve their potential, irrespective of their starting points, individual learning needs, level of advantage or disadvantage, family background or beliefs

Collaborate - for all staff within our community to work in genuine partnership with each other to share best practice, research, education enriching ideas and reduce workload

Respect - to understand, accept and have due regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others

People focused - to attract and retain high calibre staff by providing first class continuous professional development, educational opportunities and empowerment to ensure the best educational professionals are kept within our Trust

Resilience - for all members of our community to remain focused upon the Trust's vision, their personal goals and develop the skills to succeed

Integrity - for all staff to promote and demonstrate honesty and consistent uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values