Abbey View Primary Academy is very proud of its school uniform. We believe that wearing the uniform gives the children a sense of pride in themselves and their achievements at school.

Our uniform is supplied by Different Class. Please follow the link below for further information including Uniform Order Form, for those that are unable to access ordering online:


The user name is abbeyview and the password is academy

Email - enquiries@differentclassuk.com


  • Abbey View burgundy polo shirt
  • Abbey View burgundy fleece 
  • Plain navy trousers, skirt or shorts
  • Plain black school shoes
  • Nursery back pack (optional) 



  • Abbey view Tartan skirt 
  • Abbey View Tartan pinafore
  • Navy tights or navy knee high socks
  • Navy blue bootleg trousers
  • White polo shirt with school logo
  • Burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo 


  • Burgundy check regulation school dress
  • Plain white socks
  • White tights or leggings


  • Navy trousers
  • White polo shirt with school logo
  • Burgundy sweatshirt with school logo
  • Plain navy, black, grey socks


  • Navy trousers or shorts


  • Book bag for Foundation Stage and Year 1
  • Book bag for Year 2 and up
  • Black shoes- must be appropriate for school use, including playtimes. Flat heel and secure-not ballet pump style, no trainers. no boots. no laces at KS1 and FS, unless the children can tie laces themselves.
  • Hair of shoulder length or longer must be tied back at all times using simple hair accessories (hairbands, clips, ribbons) in the following colours: navy or burgundy (no oversized bows).
  • Hair styles should be appropriate for school. Abbey View does not permit children to have fashion hair styles. This includes having lines, patterns or logos cut into the hair and using hair dyes
  • FS/KS1 children must not wear earrings to school
  • Simple, named watches may be worn from Year 2 upwards (no novelty/watches with detachable parts or loud sounds)
  • All other jewellery is considered a safety hazard.

PE Kit

  • Navy shadow stripe shorts
  • Burgundy t- shirt with school logo
  • Socks (plain black, white or navy)
  • FS/KS1- black plimsolls with no laces 
  • A spare pair of socks in the PE bag, particularly for girls when they wear tights to school
  • Burgundy PE bag with school logo
  • Navy tracksuit bottom (winter)


  • Burgundy coats or jackets with school logo
  • Navy headscarves in the short fitted children’s style, no pins
  • Burgundy rucksacks with school logo (Year 1 and up)
  • Blue art apron 
  • Water bottle with logo

Buying uniform

You can buy your uniform in two ways:

  1. Preferred method:

    Order direct from Different Class using the internet and paying via PayPal. Follow the link:

    Internet Shop www.differentclassschoolwear.co.uk

    The username is abbeyview and the password is academy  

  2. Visit the Different Class Showroom for a fitting. The details of the showroom are: Different Class Unit 9, Wessex Road, Wessex Industrial Estate, Bourne End SL8 5DT Tel 01628 531821




You will be expected to label each item of your child’s school uniform, including their shoes, bags, coats and water bottle. Please do not rely on marker pens or biros as these wear off and it means we cannot reunite you with any lost uniform. Different class sell sew-in or iron-in labels, and/or laundry pens.